What People Are Saying About Racemi Server Migration Software


“Using our proven  processes and Racemi tools, CSC successfully migrated mission-critical apps to the AWS GovCloud in record time” – Jon Check, Vice President, CSC, North American Public Sector Enterprise Services (NES), Solutions. Watch Jon talk about CSC’s experience with Racemi at re:Invent 2015

“We have committed to migrate thousands of workloads from our private datacenters to AWS in a multi-year effort. Racemi DynaCenter has given us the ability to live-migrate enterprise Windows and Linux workloads directly into our Amazon VPC environment, while maintaining the security and availability levels required by our business. We have now ramped up to hundreds of migrations into AWS.” – Ben Wilson, CTO of GE Oil & Gas. Watch GE Oil and Gas talk about Racemi at AWS re:Invent 2015

“Our favorite features of [Racemi] are the Live Capture capability and the automated conversion of the physical server or VM to the AWS platform. With AWS import tools, we had to take the server offline and do a lot of manual reconfiguration for it to import successfully into AWS, and then we had to reconfigure the instance once it was live in EC2. [Racemi] eliminates all of that headache by allowing me to take a snapshot of the running server and migrate it into AWS automatically, literally saving us multiple man days of labor per application.” – Michael Mwamunga, Five Point. Download Their Case Study!

“Racemi helped us to accomplish in 2 days what we had worked 2 weeks on without success.”  – Kim D. Architect for Fortune 500 Insurance Company; Racemi user.

“We simply followed the instructions and [Racemi] worked perfectly, on the first attempt.  IBM chose the right partner for their SCE to SoftLayer migration – it is as simple as that. ” – John A. – Racemi customer regarding his experience migrating a IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management implementation from IBM SmartCloud Enterprise to SoftLayer CloudLayer.

“[Racemi] made migrating our SAP ERP implementation to SoftLayer point and click simple. We estimate we saved over a man week of time versus a manual migration, saving us thousands of dollars in labor.” – Bicky G. – Racemi customer.

“How easy is it to use Racemi [DynaCenter] to migrate apps? It can literally migrate an app while the team is out for sushi dinner, which is exactly what happened this week…“- DynaCenter User, Architect, Fortune 500 Energy Company

“Migration of a complex application is like performing surgery – you wouldn’t call your normal doctor to perform surgery. Using Racemi will save you time and money versus using in house engineers to do a manual migration or rebuild. Racemi has the tools, they have the expertise. A manual migration will take you twice as long and cost twice as much – your staff may not have the expertise and they will have competing priorities. These are your strategic assets, do not risk it! Use Racemi – it’s as simple as that,” Dr. Eno Agbor, Director LOPPEX. Download Their Case Study!

“Racemi and GoGrid ensured our migration was hassle-free. The combination of GoGrid’s flexible, low-cost cloud platform and an automated migration solution made our transition to cloud computing far easier than I’d hoped.” – Josh Vermette, founder of Calydonian Interactive.

“Racemi was the clear choice for migrating my servers into AWS. It was fast, automated, and easy to use, plus there were no upfront fees or long term contracts to hassle with. I can’t imagine using anything else for my cloud migrations.” – Rajiv Hira, Soci-Ads

“The Racemi team was invaluable to our cloud migration project – highly recommended!” -Rami Lulu, Stoneface Media, LLC

“The knowledgeable and reliable services team at Racemi accelerated our AWS migration project. Not only did they complete the work ahead of schedule, but also provided us with tips and recommendations to facilitate future migrations. We literally couldn’t have done it without them.” – Juan Zaparolli, Enterprise Architect @ Malauzai Software Inc.

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“Our customers are always looking for efficient and secure ways to move existing workloads to Amazon VPC or AWS GovCloud (US). Racemi helps by automating the entire migration process, so that customers can get to work quickly.” –  said Teresa Carlson, vice president, worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

This new migration service will expedite IBM clients’ ‘on-ramp’ to the enterprise cloud. As more clients demand enterprise cloud capabilities, they are looking to IBM to deliver the security, privacy and reliability of open, private clouds with the economy and speed of a public cloud through IBM cloud.” –  Kit Linton, Director of Cloud Infrastructure Offerings, IBM.

“We continue to see not only cloud adoption accelerating, but also customers wanting to rapidly migrate large numbers of mission-critical workloads to AWS. We’re thrilled Racemi is offering automated migration software and applaud their commitment to helping customers move to the cloud quickly, so that they can start realizing the many benefits like agility, elasticity and cost savings.” – Teresa Carlson, vice president, worldwide Public Sector, AWS.

“So easy to migrate instances between cloud services with @Racemi. Once setup, click and sit back and let it do the work! #SoftLayer” – Darryl Miles, Client Technical Professional, IBM via Twitter

We are pleased to work with Racemi to enable the migration of workloads into VMware vCloud® Hybrid Service™. This is important as our customers move their workloads across different environments and deploy into hybrid cloud environments.” –  Mathew Lodge, vice president, Cloud Services, VMware.

“Racemi’s server migration software and services are the perfect solution for public sector server migration projects. Installed on thousands of servers in Global 2000 data centers around the world, Racemi’s software stands up to rigorous security and performance standards. We look forward to making the company’s solutions available to the government market and our extensive ecosystem of partners.” John Lee, Vice President of Cloud Solutions at Carahsoft.

“We’re excited to launch this new service with Racemi. Together, we’re making it painless for customers to migrate existing workloads to our innovative cloud platform and saving them thousands of dollars in the process.” –  Dave Smith, vice president of global sales at GoGrid.

“Manually migrating data takes time and can be expensive. Racemi’s technology in combination with HOSTING services will make moving business-critical applications quicker and more cost-effective than ever before for our customers,” – John Vernazza, vice president, Enterprise Solutions at HOSTING.

“[Racemi] will not only help new Rackspace customers, but it will make it easier for existing Rackspace customers to move to our open cloud platform. We are pleased to be collaborating with a company like Racemi that continues to support our effort to reduce the barriers to cloud adoption.” –  Bob Bardwell, business development manager at Rackspace.

“SoftLayer is about delivering innovation, choice, and performance to our customers and we expect no less from our partners. …Racemi has brought…simplicity to cloud migration, providing our customers with a fast and easy way to migrate server workloads into CloudLayer.” –  Duke Skarda, chief technology officer, SoftLayer. “


“Now that GoGrid has bundled migration via the Racemi…service into its core offering, other cloud vendors are going to have to follow suit. This will rapidly become like online banking, where once one bank offered it for free, every bank had to offer it for free in order to compete. This is clearly a good thing for the public cloud vendors, a good thing for customers who want to be able to move workloads to public clouds at minimum cost and hassle, and a great thing for Racemi…it is easy to envision a world where public cloud vendors like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and RackSpace all bundle the Racemi service for onboarding. If this occurs it will knock down one of the major barriers to the migration of workloads to public clouds which is the cost and the time required to do these migrations manually.” – Bernd Harzog, The Virtualization Practice

“There is no question that migrating workloads to the cloud is a bottleneck faced by cloud and hosting infrastructure providers. Similarly, migrating between different types of infrastructure – physical, virtual or cloud – faces its own set of challenges. The process can be complicated, time-consuming and manual. Breaking down these barriers through automation is crucial for service providers looking to drive efficiency and create a better user experience. All of this contributes to increased uptake and revenues.” – Philbert Shih, managing director of Structure Research Limited.

“EC2 customers Foursquare, Quora, Reddit.com and others won’t soon forget the April 2011 outage at the Amazon Web Services datacenter in northern Virginia… Frustrating as the downtime was for its victims, it serves as a useful reminder to other enterprises contemplating cloud use to engineer around expected outages. AWS customers who had built for high availability achieved it. By making it possible to harness private datacenters to multiple public cloud providers, Racemi’s DynaCenter is aiming to enable just these kinds of complex and resilient cloud strategies. “  – Tier 1 Research

“T1R believes that Racemi does enough for managed service providers without creating the typical ‘marketecture’ fatigue that entraps so many growing managed hosting providers. Enough, that is, to solve two of the pressing worries of enterprises: how do I easily and quickly migrate and integrate my complex workloads to a cloud platform; and how do I do so without the risk of locking myself in unnecessarily, if it wasn’t what I expected? “ – Antonio Pirano/Rachel Chalmers 451 Group/Tier 1 Research

“For beleaguered systems administrators, the prospect of moving physical servers into cloud services from Amazon, Rackspace, Terremark or GoGrid … is little short of miraculous…should be a fast, low-touch, low-risk way to move into – and between – cloud providers.”  – Rachel Chalmers

“Racemi…is designed to convert existing infrastructure, networking and storage into a virtual architecture ready to be spun up on a number of major cloud providers, with essentially no input from the owner beyond a few commands and network access. It’s a remarkable feat of automation to say the least…” – Carl Brooks, Tier 1R

“What’s new with Racemi is that it has found a way to make a complex, highly intrusive set of operations into a use-able…service, effectively bridging the gap between IaaS and internal IT infrastructure.” – Carl Brooks, Tier 1 Research


“Anyone whose business suffered from the recent Amazon EC2 outages should welcome [Racemi’s] clear methodology for shifting to alternative suppliers. Its use can become part of a new way for users to future-proof offloaded applications, accommodating the ones which shift from ‘non-core’ to ‘mission critical’ in time…Racemi’s approach should help users guard against lock-in as vendors become increasingly vertically integrated. We predict big problems down the line if Cloud service contracts don’t address how to off-board at the end of the contract.”   – IT Candor 

“As people are getting their heads around the economic benefits of cloud computing–pay just for what you use servers and services–I’ve been hearing a lot of people say they’d use the cloud if only they could move their existing servers to the cloud without a lot of blood, sweat, and toil. This is where Racemi, a cloud-services company, comes in with its easy server migration program. Racemi’s answer for server to cloud migration is a…point-and-click tool that lets you easily take your servers from your server room to the cloud of your choice. ”Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNet

“The really neat thing about this is that DynaCenter… doesn’t require you to modify your server to make it portable. In short, you really can just move your local servers to the cloud without a lot of pain and suffering. Just as nice…you can avoid cloud vendor lock-in. Say you discover that Amazon EC2 isn’t for you. Usually shifting from one cloud provider can be another can be a nightmare. Racemi promises that… shifting servers from one cloud to another a simple point-and-click operation. I really like the sound of that.” – Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNet