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8 September 2011, Comments: Comments Off

At A GlanceMoving to a new virtual platform and need to migrate your existing virtual machines? Need to consolidate data centers or servers that are running different hypervisor platforms? Concerned over vendor lock-in when it comes to your virtualization or cloud platform?

You’re not alone. A recent TheInfoPro study revealed that 90% of business are concerned about vendor lock-in when it comes to virtualization and cloud providers.  Racemi DynaCenter enables system integrators to quickly and easily migrate Windows virtual machines between Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, and Xen virtual platforms, while Racemi Cloud Path allows users to quickly and easily migrate between cloud providers. Support for Live Capture ensures minimal service disruption while support for P2V, V2V, and P/V2C migrations ensures maximum platform choice and flexibility.

Consider Racemi DynaCenter if you:

  • Need to migrate between different hypervisor types
  • Need to migrate between physical, virtual, or cloud platforms
  • Have multiple hypervisor platforms in your data center
  • Are concerned over hypervisor vendor lock-in
  • Need to migrate physical hardware to a virtualization platform
  • Need to consolidate virtual servers that are on different hypervisor platforms.


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