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7 December 2012, Comments: Comments Off

“Our favorite features of [Racemi] are the Live Capture capability and the automated conversion of the physical server or VM to the AWS platform. With AWS import tools, we had to take the server offline and do a lot of manual reconfiguration for it to import successfully into AWS, and then we had to reconfigure the instance once it was live in EC2. Cloud Path elimates all of that headache by allowing me to take a snapshot of the running server and migrate it into AWS with just a few mouse clicks, literally saving us multiple man days of labor per application.” – Michael Mwamunga, Five Point. 

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“Racemi was the clear choice for migrating my servers into the cloud. It was fast, automated, and easy to use, plus there were no upfront fees or long term contracts to hassle with. I can’t imagine using anything else for my cloud migrations.” – Rajiv Hira, Soci-Ads

“The Racemi team was invaluable to our cloud migration project – highly recommended!” – Rami Lulu, Stoneface Media, LLC

“The knowledgeable and reliable services team at Racemi accelerated our cloud migration project. Not only did they complete the work ahead of schedule, but also provided us with tips and recommendations to facilitate future migrations. We literally couldn’t have done it without them.” – Juan Zaparolli, Enterprise Architect @ Malauzai Software Inc.


What Users Are Saying About Racemi Cloud Path


“[Cloud Path] is a very good, targeted solution for migrations.”
“My confidence is higher than ever in regards to my cloud migrations.”
“I see huge value in being able to capture an image to move between cloud service providers.”
“The [Cloud Path] web interface is self explanatory.”

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