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Racemi server migration solutions can help you drive revenue and reduce costs while simultaneously improving customer adoption and retention rates. Racemi technology makes it point and click simple for customers to migrate their existing servers into your environment, whether it be managed hosting, cloud, virtual private cloud, or managed cloud.

With Racemi you can:

  • Quickly migrate customer’s existing physical and virtual servers from their data center to your hosting or cloud environment, regardless of their current physical, virtual, or cloud environment.
  • Migrate customer workloads between your public cloud, managed cloud, virtual private cloud, or managed hosting platforms.
  • Accelerate Monthly Recurring Revenues buy speeding time to close and quickly migrating new customers.
  • Grow revenue in existing accounts by making it easy and cost effective to migrate existing apps to your cloud.
  • Help customers easily migrate from their old cloud provider to your cloud.
  • SaaS options mean no infrastructure to buy, manage, or maintain!


For each customer you migrate using Racemi cloud migration and server migration software, you will generate net new monthly recurring revenues while reducing your operating costs at the same time.

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