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3 October 2013
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An Aberdeen Group study published in July asserts that European companies, when compared to their counterparts in North America, have been early and more frequent adopters of public cloud computing technology.  This is pretty amazing when you consider how much more complex computing environments in Europe need to be.  European companies have legal, geographic, and regulatory considerations that US-centric companies simply do not have to consider.

One of the business problems that the adoption of cloud computing methodologies can potentially address is that of making legacy applications available to an ever increasingly mobile workforce.  This value proposition itself, is not without peril.

In a recent blog post for Wired Innovation Insights, Natalie Kilner Hughes, Founder and Principal Consultant at PBSI Enterprise Consultants explained the problem this way, “Enterprise corporations that must update to the new computing paradigm in order to compete are unwilling to risk the cost and disruption of manual rewrite or replace strategies. Therefore, they stubbornly remain on their aging legacy platforms believing that they are safer with the legacy environment than with a modernization campaign.”  She goes on to say, “Without automation to ensure functional equivalence, the risk of replacing existing software can be as risky as doing nothing.  The solution to this dilemma requires technology that can automate the migration of existing enterprise legacy code to the cloud, while ensuring functional equivalency.”

Of course Racemi has created a solution that expertly moves applications workloads from physical and virtual servers to cloud solutions of choice while preserving their functional equivalency.

In addition, Racemi has partnered with major European cloud providers including T-Systems, IBM, Amazon Web Services and VMware to support the migration of application workloads to their cloud offerings.  This enables Racemi to offer both public and virtual private cloud migration options to European companies from global brands they trust and that fit their unique business needs.

With VMworld Europe set to begin in just over a week, now is a great time to schedule meetings with executives from Racemi who will be in attendance at the conference.  Send us an e-mail to schedule a meeting and learn more about our global cloud migration solutions.

Check out our three-minute video overview of our migration solutions including the platforms we support.

Find additional detailed information including demos, data sheets, and case studies on our Resources page.

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