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Cloud Migration Simplified

Racemi Cloud Path® for IBM is a no charge* Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables customers to automatically migrate their existing physical, virtual, or cloud servers to IBM’s SoftLayer platform with no server downtime. This service only takes a few minutes to sign up for and can greatly simplify your Windows or Linux server migration to SoftLayer.

Getting Started

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Sign Up button and enter your information
  3. Verify your account via your registered email address.
  4. Register your SoftLayer user name and API key.
  5. Register your SoftLayer Object Storage credentials (Learn More).
  6. Install the Racemi Migration Agent on the servers you wish to migrate.


That’s it! Our easy-to-use Migration Wizard lets you migrate multiple servers simultaneously and our scheduling function enables you to set up migrations for off peak hours**. Simply select your cloud server size and your target data center and Cloud Path will automatically create your new SoftLayer cloud instances and migrate your selected server workloads to them. Cloud Path is simply the fastest, easiest way to migrate your servers to SoftLayer!

Experienced Professional Assistance

For customers who may not have resources for a self-service migration, or for IBM partners who wish to offer customers an extra level of service, Racemi also offers Assisted Migration services to help with your SoftLayer migration project, all for a low cost per server!


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“Cloud Path made migrating our SAP ERP implementation to SoftLayer point and click simple. We estimate we saved over a man week of time versus a manual migration, saving us thousands of dollars in labor.” – Bicky Goyal, Racemi Cloud Path for IBM customer.


Video Demo



Cloud Path for IBM - Sign Up Screen

Cloud Path for IBM – Sign Up Screen

Enter Your SLOS Credentials

Cloud Path for IBM – Enter SLOS Credentials

Cloud Path for IBM - Server Size

Cloud Path for IBM – Server Size

* This offer may be discontinued at any time.  Cloud Path SaaS is provided by Racemi under Racemi agreement terms. IBM is not a party to such agreement and IBM provides no warranties, indemnities or liability, express or implied, with respect to such Racemi services.  See the Cloud Path Product Terms and Conditions for additional details.

**As a business best practice, Racemi recommends scheduling server migrations for “off peak” hours for your region.


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