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23 October 2013
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More and more we are hearing discussion about the benefits of the hybrid cloud.  This discussion is an evolution from the conversation in years past when the discussion was either generically about “the cloud” or about the concepts of public and private clouds.  The hybrid cloud is simply a strategy where both the public and private clouds are employed together to achieve organizational computing objectives.

There are many reasons why this transformation is occurring but the bottom line for organizations is – the hybrid cloud is about choice.

As recently as a year ago, major cloud service providers (CSP) were offering hosting services that were very much proprietary.  This created a situation where companies needed appropriate expertise in order to execute a cloud strategy.  This also took choice away from the customer creating what is known as “vendor lock-in”.

We have seen an evolution over the last year that breaks down a lot of the proprietary nature of public clouds.  This desire for heterogeneity by customer and to not be tied to a single cloud provider is forcing CSP’s to look at their offerings and to make changes that better facilitate workload movement.

Another force in the cloud space that gives customers, integrators, and service providers the ability to offer choice is the migration solution provider.  Companies such as Racemi specialize in understanding the major cloud infrastructures and how to move workloads in and out of those environments.  The expertise also stretches to include physical and virtual environments.  All three spaces can now be tied together and moved between at will.

Racemi is looking forward to exhibiting at AWS re:Invent 2013, set for November 12-15 in Las Vegas.  Now is a great time to schedule meetings with executives from Racemi who will be in attendance at the conference.  Send us an e-mail to schedule a meeting and learn more about our global cloud migration solutions.

Check out our three-minute video overview of our migration solutions.

Our product has been certified to work with a number of the major CSP and MSP providers.

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