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Racemi and Amazon Web Services have teamed up to provide no-cost access to Racemi’s enterprise migration software to qualifying businesses. Press Release.

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As part of this limited time offer, approved participants will receive free access to Racemi’s automated workload migration software, DynaCenter, to help them migrate their existing on premise physical and virtual applications to their Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) environment within any supported Region, including the AWS GovCloud (US) region (see the full list of supported AWS Regions.)

Benefits of Racemi DynaCenter include:

  • Live capture process with CPU, RAM, and network sensitivity to ensure minimal service disruption
  • Data compression for minimal network and storage footprint
  • Delta data synchronization for migrating latest production changes prior to cut over
  • Free access to Racemi support
  • Free access to Racemi online training


Racemi DynaCenter

Racemi DynaCenter enables partners and customers to migrate server workloads between physical and virtual environments and the AWS Cloud. DynaCenter captures the entire server stack – operating system, applications, network, and storage configuration – and then transforms the workload in flight to run on Amazon EC2. This automated, unattended process helps make server workload migrations fast and cost effective. Once initial migration and verification testing is complete, DynaCenter also supports delta data synchronization.  This functionality recognizes block level changes to files since the previous capture, and transmits the changed blocks to the target securely using firewall-friendly, outbound HTTPS connections to provide maximum security and reliability. This provides the migrated workloads on Amazon EC2 with the latest production data, configuration, and settings prior to the migration cut over process.

Am I Eligible?

You may apply for this offer if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum on premise datacenter footprint of 500 servers or more (physical or virtual) and minimum of 50 servers to be migrated for commercial customers.
  2. Minimum on premise datacenter footprint of 300 servers or more (physical or virtual) and a minimum of 25 servers for partners working with Government Customers.[1]
  3. Server workloads to be migrated must be active (running state) for minimum of 90 days after migration.


Applications will be reviewed by Racemi and the AWS Professional Services team on a first-come, first-served basis. There is limited availability, so apply today!


Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Training Options

AWS re:Invent Session – GE Oil and Gas

AWS re:Invent Session – CSC, GovCloud






“We have committed to migrate thousands of workloads from our private datacenters to AWS in a multi-year effort. Racemi DynaCenter has given us the ability to live-migrate enterprise Windows and Linux workloads directly into our Amazon VPC environment, while maintaining the security and availability levels required by our business. We have now ramped up to hundreds of migrations into AWS.” - Ben Wilson, CTO of GE Oil & Gas.




To apply, please fill out this short form and a Racemi representative will contact you to let you know if you qualify for this limited time offer!

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[1] Government customers wishing to participate in this program must work through an AWS Consulting or Technology Partner.

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