Disaster Recovery -


In business, you may hope for the best, but need to plan for the worst because in life, anything, from technology failures and human error to natural disasters, can and will happen. As such, every organization must ensure that a solid disaster recovery solution is part of their business continuity plan.

Racemi DynaCenter‘s server migration technology is the faster way to recover servers across a range of supported physical, virtual, and cloud platforms to quickly get your business back on it’s feet.

Racemi DynaCenter offers:

  • Speed – image based provisioning technology is can provision large numbers of systems quickly and easily.
  • Reliability – image based provisioning technology has been the foundation of  system provisioning for over 20 years.
  • Flexibility – DynaCenter supports server migrations between dissimilar physical, virtual, and cloud platforms offering customers unparalleled choice in recovery options.


Key Features include:

  • Cross-platform recovery support – recover to bare metal, hypervisors (vSphere/ESXi, Xen, Hyper-V), or public/private cloud (AWS,  SoftLayer, VMware, Windstream, etc)
  • Live capture of running servers
  • CPU, RAM, and network sensitive capture process for minimal service disruption
  • Delta-data synchronization – back up to images and sync to warm/hot spares

With Racemi, you can rest assured that your business has the right server migration solutions in place to ensure a smooth recovery from any disaster.

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