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DynaCenter saves time and money moving workloads into the cloud

ATLANTA, May 23, 2012 Racemi announced today its DynaCenter software can now quickly and easily migrate Windows server images to public cloud providers including Amazon EC2, GoGrid, Rackspace and Terremark. It also provides flexibility to move workloads from one cloud computing provider to another, as well as to a physical or virtual server – in any combination or direction.

In addition, the latest release, DynaCenter 4.2, updates support for CA’s AppLogic 3.x cloud computing platform.

“Our software technology fully automates migration of server workloads with no application changes and no performance impact,” said James Strayer, vice president of product management, Racemi. “It is without a doubt the easiest, fastest way to move workloads to, from, and between cloud providers.”

Racemi makes its DynaCenter software available to cloud and IT software management partners to incorporate into their product offerings providing an easy way to add cloud-ready capabilities to offerings.

Workloads are migrated to the cloud by comparing the configurations of the source and destination servers, and then configuring the necessary cloud tools, virtual machine components, disk, and network layout “in-flight” to ensure that the image can be run on the target cloud platform. Unlike other technologies, Racemi’s image-based provisioning software does not require modifications to the application.

With the automation capabilities in the DynaCenter software, significant time can be saved migrating to the CA AppLogic platform. Web hosting companies, managed service providers and cloud providers that leverage the AppLogic platform can accelerate their implementations and migrations while dramatically reducing their costs.

DynaCenter is licensed to Racemi partners. The 4.2 release will be available by May 31, 2012.

About Racemi

Racemi has been named a “Cool Vendor” and has received other industry awards.

The company builds server provisioning and cloud migration technology that allows businesses to quickly migrate their existing physical and virtual servers to, from and between cloud providers and across data centers. For CSPs (cloud service providers), Racemi is the fastest and best method for on-boarding customers to their cloud.

Racemi also enables customers and partners to automate private data center provisioning by leveraging its market-leading server imaging technology to rapidly provision physical, virtual, or private cloud servers in any automated use case.

For more information, visit www.racemi.com.

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