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Cloud Migration Simplified

Racemi Cloud Path is a Software as a Service that enables businesses to quickly and automatically migrate their existing physical and virtual servers into and between supported public cloud providers, without the need to purchase, install, or manage any infrastructure. 

Save Time

With Cloud Path’s automated, unattended server migration approach you can skip the manual application migration headaches and streamline your cloud migration project. Racemi fully automates the migration of your existing physical & virtual servers to supported cloud providers. You can even migrate application servers between clouds! Businesses can even migrate their time tested and proven “golden images” to a supported cloud provider for use on new cloud server instances.

Save Money

Racemi Cloud Path customers save over $800 per server migrated on average when compared to manual migration processes or rebuilding from scratch in the cloud. What’s even better? SoftLayer (an IBM company) and Windstream customers can migrate their servers free of charge!*

Zero Risk

Our pay as you go pricing means no upfront costs and no long term contracts to worry about.  Customers can literally get started in minutes! And our customers only pay for successful server migrations, and with no  lengthy proof of concept or implementation project, there is no financial risk to you or your business.

In addition, Racemi Cloud Path introduces zero technology dependencies to your application, simply remove the agent once your migration is complete! Racemi Cloud Path even allows you to migrate applications between supported cloud vendors which means you don’t have to worry about cloud provider lock in!

So whether you need to migrate existing physical, virtual, or even other cloud servers, Racemi can accelerate your cloud migration project. 

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“Using Racemi will save you time and money versus using in house engineers to do a manual migration or rebuild. Racemi has the tools, they have the expertise. A manual migration will take you twice as long and cost twice as much – your staff may not have the expertise and they will have competing priorities. These are your strategic assets, do not risk it! Use Racemi – it’s as simple as that.” – Dr. Eno Agbor, Director LOPPEX


Are you and IBM SoftLayer customer? Check out Cloud Path for IBM, our free SaaS migration portal for IBM/SoftLayer customers.

Are you a Windstream customer? Check out Cloud Path for Windstream, our SaaS migration portal for Windstream Hosted Solutions customers.



Currently supported cloud providers include:

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Offering Free Migrations!

 Rackspace softlayer-logo-vector

Offering Free Migrations!


Offering Free Migrations!


*This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project * for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (http://www.openssl.org/)

* This product includes cryptographic software written by * Eric Young (eay@cryptsoft.com)