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At A GlanceWith Racemi Cloud Path, you can automatically move your existing server application workloads to a variety of supported public clouds or even between cloud providers. There’s no need to rebuild from scratch or use templates since Cloud Path’s automated cloud migration process moves the entire server “stack” – operating system, applications, network, and storage configuration – for you.

Consider Cloud Path if you:

  • Need to migrate an existing physical or virtual server to a cloud provider
  • Need to migrate a cloud server instance to another cloud provider
  • Have concerns regarding cloud vendor “lock-in”
  • Want to save time and money versus a manual migration

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“Our favorite features of Cloud Path are the Live Capture capability and the automated conversion of the physical server or VM to the AWS platform. With AWS import tools, we had to take the server offline and do a lot of manual reconfiguration for it to import successfully into AWS, and then we had to reconfigure the instance once it was live in EC2. Cloud Path elimates all of that headache by allowing me to take a snapshot of the running server and migrate it into AWS with just a few mouse clicks, literally saving us multiple man days of labor per application.” - Michael Mwamunga, Five Point.

Racemi Cloud Path currently supports server migrations to the following public cloud providers:

Amazon EC2 gogridIBM SmartCloud Enterprise
Rackspace Cloud Hostingsoftlayer-logo-vectorterremark