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25 September 2013
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The Cloud holds promise for many organizations of reducing infrastructure costs and improving service and accessibility of key enterprise applications with an increasingly mobile workforce.  A recent article I read suggests that as organizations are increasingly adopting cloud computing, they are quickly out-running the ability to find qualified IT workers with appropriate levels of cloud experience to plan and execute their cloud projects.

The article quotes Bobby Soni, chief platform and services officer for Newark, CA based RMS, as saying, “Two years ago there was still a fair amount of doubt that IT would go towards the cloud, but the resistance to cloud computing is lowering at a much faster rate than it was two years ago.  The demand for the people that know virtualization, for people who can architect a platform, for people who can write deployment scripts, for people who can write monitoring and management scripts, for people who can actually deploy software, that demand is going up all across the world.”

Disruptive technologies, like cloud computing and IaaS, historically have created shortages of this type.  This should not prevent organizations from embracing the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing, however.  There are technology companies that have created offerings designed for ease of use and that reduce and automate much of the unique process knowledge required to take advantage of virtualization and the cloud.

Enter Racemi.

Racemi has an incredibly powerful set of virtualization and cloud migration capabilities.  We specialize in automating the movement of heterogeneous application workloads regardless of the source or destination.  Using Racemi migration solutions can save your organization upwards of $800 per server migrated versus manual migration methods.  Using our solution reduces migration from days and weeks down to hours.  With ten plus years of experience in the datacenter – first moving physical workloads, then virtual, and finally cloud – our customers leverage our expertise to save money and to get to the cloud fast.

Check out our three-minute video overview of our migration solutions including the platforms we support.  If you are an IBM customer, check out our three-minute video overview of our integration with IBM SmartCloud and SoftLayer computing environments.

If you would like us to contact you for a personal demonstration of how easy and inexpensive it can be to automate your migration project, send us an e-mail to

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