Citrix Announces CloudStack To Join Apache Software Foundation -

3 April 2012
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3 April 2012, Comments: Comments Off

Citrix revealed today that the their popular CloudStack solution will become the first cloud platform to join the Apache Software Foundation, home to many of the world’s most successful open source projects. Providing CloudStack as a full open source Apache project should further accelerate the CloudStack “mission” of delivering a hypervisor-agnostic platform that helps businesses of all sizes build Amazon-style clouds.

We think this is a good way for CloudStack to increase it’s visibility in an increasingly crowded cloud platform marketplace. CloudStack already has a large number of customer installs, but sometimes doesn’t get the same credit for that as other open source cloud platforms. Racemi will be releasing support for a number of CloudStack based public clouds over the course of 2012 and we have been impressed by their well documented API and hypervisor agnostic approach.


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