Racemi Eases Cloud Migrations to Amazon and Rackspace -

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Racemi Eases Cloud Migrations to Amazon and Rackspace

Hybrid Cloud Implementations

Automates provisioning of server workloads from private clouds for build out of

hybrid clouds

ATLANTA, March 2, 2011 – Racemi’s latest DynaCenter image-based provisioning

and automation software enables fast, easy and flexible hybrid cloud

implementations for Amazon EC2 and Rackspace by automating movement of server

workloads from on-premises datacenters or private clouds.

Racemi’s easy-to-integrate OEM automation technology migrates server images

regardless of underlying operating system, application software, configuration, or

even the physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure. This provides flexibility to deploy

workloads where it makes most sense, factoring in cost, security, privacy,

performance. For example, hybrid and private clouds can better address certain

enterprise requirements, especially related to privacy and security.

“The reality is that not all IT services make sense to host in the cloud. Most of all, IT

needs flexibility,” said Lawrence Guillory, CEO of Racemi. “We make it incredibly easy

to build-out dynamic datacenters and cloud computing implementations working in

concert. Our technology helps create new levels of flexibility for datacenter managers

and administrators by automating movement of datacenter workloads – whether

those are on physical or virtual servers – in the datacenter or the cloud.”

Racemi makes its software available to technology partners to incorporate into their

product offerings to provide an easy path for OEMs wanting to add cloud-ready

capabilities to their offerings.

DynaCenter software captures the entire “personality” of a physical or virtual server,

including Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems, applications and the storage

and network configurations, in a single bootable image. This image has the ability to

migrate to the cloud, while maintaining the personality and configurations of the

original server.

Racemi’s technology compares the configurations of the source and destination

servers and reconfigures the necessary components and device drivers “in-flight” to

ensure that the image can be run in the new environment, whether private

datacenter or public cloud.

About Racemi

Racemi builds server imaging and cloud migration technology allowing companies to

quickly capture, clone and migrate their server images anywhere. Racemi enables

OEM partners to automate private datacenters by leveraging its market-leading

server imaging technology to rapidly provision servers in any automated use case

including rapidly deploying enterprise images in and out cloud computing resources.

For more information, visit www.racemi.com.

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